Take 2, Limping Back

img_5388I started this blog over a year ago with enthusiasm and energy. My chronic illness had been in remission for a couple years. I felt great and only had to deal with some severely damaged joints, my reminder of the tough battle I’d been through. I knew that “remission” wasn’t the same as “cured,” but a girl can dream.

Then. . .

It came back, back with a vengeance. I was frighteningly sick for several months, and it was a rough road until my doc & I could call it on the verge of being “managed.”

Goodbye, sweet remission.

Enjoying Life Anyway

Of course, I hope for remission again; but that can’t be my focus. I’ve gone back to square 1–or forward to square 1A–and am working/living the mental, physical and emotional techniques that (along with medical & holistic care and plain luck) got me to remission a few years ago.

Here’s the thing: My chronic illness might never go into remission again. I can enjoy life anyway.

The first order of business is not to dwell on where I was or where I wish to be. “Where am I right now? Today? This moment?” For people with chronic conditions, this can change from day to day or moment to moment. I like remembering that. It helps me appreciate a day when I’m more physically able and reminds me to take extra care on the days when the road is tough.

It also brings me back to awareness of and balance in my spiritual heart. That’s a form of meditation, and it’s well worth one of my spoons.

“This is what a yogi looks like” tee I’m using as background in the photo is from the Yoga & Body Image Coalition. A wonderful organization, demonstrating that people of all abilities and body types can enjoy yoga.

Why A Spoon? What’s that all about?